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Other Products

Other Braza Products at a glance

Ever since its beginning, Braza products have caught the imagination of masses, which has encouraged us to offer Complete Range of Tyre, Tubes, Tread Rubber and Allied Products. Company has made a strong presence felt in the domestic market, due to their best quality & economical pricing.

Other quality Products being offered by Braza are :

Butyl Tubes

Braza Tyre Butyl TubesPaonta Sahib in HIMACHAL PRADESH

BrazaTyres P Ltd is manufacturing complete range of Butyl Tubes from Best quality imported butyl rubber in Ultra Modern Plant, ranging from Scooters, Mopeds, Motorcycles , Three Wheelers, Cars/ SUVs /MUVs , LCVs, upto Buses, Trucks ,OTR, Tractor and ADV vehicle.

'Braza' Butyl Tubes are preferred choice of buyers because of their greater resistance to deformation due to heat & weather. Butyl rubber Tubes are made of synthetic rubber , which have more tendency to retain air pressure ensuring greater safety, convenience , economy, durability & performance.

Tread Rubber

Braza Tyre Tread Rubber Paonta Sahib in HIMACHAL PRADESH

Conventional and Pre- Cured in various pattern, length and weight.

Since, Tread pattern of a tyre decides its ability to channel water away from the contact patch between the tyre and the road. The tread pattern also plays a part in how much road noise is generated by the tyre due to air getting trapped and expelled from those channels during running.

''Braza' Tread rubbers made from NR, Synthatic Rubber , are considered as Best in their category in terms of rendering more tyre mileage at relatively lesser cost.

Availability of a variety of tread patterns provides the user greater choice to choose the tread pattern, according to the application of tyre in different types of vehicle

Curing Bags

Braza Tyre Curing Bag Paonta Sahib in HIMACHAL PRADESH

Sizes Available – * 1000-20 * 900-20 * 7.50-16* 600-16 * 700-16 * 235/75 R15, * 195/ 80R15 * 175/ 80R14 * 155 /80 R13 * 145/70 R12 * 4.50-12 * 4.50-10 * 12.4-28 * 16.9-28 etc.


Braza Tyre Envelope Paonta Sahib in HIMACHAL PRADESH

We offer SUPERIOR quality outer curing envelopes made from high quality Chlorobutyl Rubber, to resist high heat pressures. They offer exceptional flexibility and give long life for repeated use. Sizes Available - 42-19 ( 1000-20/900-20) , 40-25 ( 1000-20/900-20) , 32-14(8.25-16/7.50/16)


Braza Tyre Flaps Paonta Sahib in HIMACHAL PRADESH

Tyre flaps are used in between the rim and tube of the tyre. The flap gives protection from friction between rim and tube and also prevents heat transfer from the rim to tube.

Sizes : 7.50-16, 8.25-16, 8.25-20, 9.00-16, 9.00-20, 10.00-20 , for LCV and Trucks, Chamber and Bonder

TyrePatches / Tube Repair Patches

Sizes available : BP-1 to BP 10, Tiny Round , Oval , Sheet etc.


Braza Tyre Patches Paonta Sahib in HIMACHAL PRADESH

We manufacturer complete range of high quality Nylon Ply, Radial & OTR Patches for different type of application and size, we also manufacturer tube repair patches in different sizes and shapes.

Vulcanising Solution

Braza Tyre Vulcanising Solution Paonta Sahib in HIMACHAL PRADESH

Black Vulcanising Cement is a liquid adhesive used in tyre retreading. Manufactured using high quality solvent having standard viscosity, compatible with both precured and mold cure process.

This adhesive is applied on both worn out tyres and treads.

Compatible with both pre cured and hot processes , available in 25 ltr. Tin

Bonding Gum

Braza Tyre Bonding Gum Paonta Sahib in HIMACHAL PRADESH

Cushion Gum / Bonding gum is a thin film or layer of rubber compound which is used in tyre retreading to bond the worn out tyre and tread rubber/ precured tread liner. It bonds the tread liner and the worn out tyres under pressure and temperature.

Made form 100 % natural rubber , can be used for filling nail holes and repair.

Available in 1 KG and 5 KG pack.