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Tyre Care Tips :

Tyre /tube care and maintenance plays an important role in order to obtain maximum life and performance. Some easy way to keep your Tyres /tube in good shape and running for long are summarised below.

Use correct combination of the tyre and rim. Rim should be free of dirt and rust and should be free of bends.

Never use under inflated or over inflated tyres. Correct air pressure provides you more safety and Fuel Economy. It is important to maintain suitable tyre pressure as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

Air from a tyre keeps on escaping regularly on a very low rate. But this loss of air pressure from a tyre is prominent during warm weather, so more regular checks are needed when temperatures rise. Watch for air leakage. The valve core should be renewed and lost valve cap should be replaced.

Correct Wheel Alignment can help you get upto 30% better tyre mileage. Despite driving in a straight line, if you feel as though your car is pulling to the left or right - it could indicate that your wheel alignment is not proper.

Ideally wheel alignment should be done after every 5,000 kms. or whenever any irregular wear on tyre is found.

Pay close attention to alignment, if you have a chain or belt, check the position of your tyres. Proper alignment ensures better handling and longer wear.

To keep tyre rubber shiny only substance used should be good old soap and water. Most so-called protectants actually promote premature cracking and finish deterioration. Don't forget to wipe off any lube, brake fluid or gas promptly, too.

While you replace your tyres, make sure you replace the tubes, too. Some experts even recommend that one may change both tyres at the same time, even if they wear differently.

The tyres on your vehicle must have a minimum level i.e. 1.6 mm of tread pattern on them , a lesser tread level due to wear & tear reduces tyre's ability to disperse water, which can make the driving unsafe. Tyres should be replaced before the tread wears down to the level of the Tread Wear Indicators. Your nearest Braza dealer can help you in checking the tread depth of your tyre.

Rotate tyre positions if any irregular wear is found on any of the tyre or after every 5,000 kms. The first rotation is important as it sets the stage for long and even tyre wear. Following methods are recommended for tyre rotation.

Braza Tyre Care Tips of Tyres Paonta Sahib in HIMACHAL PRADESH