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Braza Tyres Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2001 starting the venture with manufacturing of quality precured tread rubber & Hot rubber.

Start Small,
Dream BIG

The foundation of Braza Tyres Pvt. Ltd was laid in 2001, starting the venture with precured tread rubber & Hot rubber. This endeavour allowed us to establish a strong foundation and venture into the manufacturing of automobile butyl tubes. By maintaining consistent quality and ensuring timely delivery, we were able to steadily progress and become a prominent manufacturer of Butyl tubes in India. This success bolstered our confidence to enter the tire industry, further expanding Braza Tyres' product portfolio.

Braza Tyres Story

Braza Tyres Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2001 starting the venture with manufacturing.

2001 - 2005

Braza as a brand name was established in the market through the manufacturing of pre-cured and hot rubber. Other allied products as patches, cushion and vulcanising solution was introduced to the portfolio within this time-frame.

2006 - 2010

Established the butyl tube unit in 2006 and developed an entire portfolio of inner tubes to be amongst the market leaders in India.

2011 - 2020

The tyre manufacturing unit was set up in 2011 with focus on motorcycle, agricultural and commercial range for the Indian market. Steadily, the product portfolio grew in these categories and so did the distribution network within India.

2020 - Present

Export sizes in tyres were introduced to cater to the international market.
Currently, exporting to 15+ countries and counting.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The primary goal of our company is to deliver premium-quality products at competitive prices. To achieve this, we are dedicated to continuously upgrading our state-of-the-art manufacturing and research facilities, ensuring that we can meet the evolving product development needs of our valued customers.

Our Vision

By leveraging cutting-edge technology, maintaining stringent quality standards, and adhering to strong business ethics, we aim to cultivate valuable and long-lasting business relationships with our customers. Furthermore, our vision extends beyond our existing customer base as we strive to expand the Braza community and reach new horizons

Manufacturing Technology

Our modern manufacturing facilities are backed by in-house R&D that enables us to develop premium quality products at cost-effective rates.

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