Reading a Tyre

June 5, 2023

In this article you will learn on how the tyre size, its load and speed index, brand name and tyre.

How To Read a Tyre Size?

The dimensions of the tyre is understood by the numbers as shown in the below image.

How To Read The Load & Speed Index Of A Tyre?

On the sidewall of the tyre you will find the load and speed index of the tyre.

The load index is indicative of the maximum load (in kg) that can be carried by the tyre.

The tyre speed index is indicative to the maximum speed at which a tyre can carry its maximum load.

NOTE: we need to show these images of our own tyres instead of this using these.

How To Read The Brand Name And Tyre Type?

Reading the manufacturer’s brand name is pretty straight-forward. It is always showcased on the sidewall along with the other markings.

The word “tubeless” on the sidewall shows that your tyre does not require an inner tube. Conversely the word “tube-type” shows that your tyre requires to be fitted with the tube.

What are the benefits? A tubeless fitting is for generally for lighter application, more fuel efficient and often less damage prone owing to the damages that can be caused due to the inner tube.